January 2014

G,NA’s First Film Score

In case you missed the newsletter that went out last week…

It’s a bird…
It’s a plane…

Filming "Superpowerless" in San Francisco

It’s “Superpowerless” — an independent movie that is currently being filmed in San Francisco. It’s a “coming-of-middle-age story” about a superhero who turns 40, loses all his superpowers, and must adjust to his new, “normal” life. It was co-written by Duane Anderson and Dominic Mah, and is Anderson’s directorial debut. It’s a Brainwave Films production starringĀ Josiah Polhemus, Amy Prosser, Natalie Lander, Guinevere Turner, Pepe Serna, H.P. Mendoza, Warren Serkin, Bob Turton, and Ron Eliot.

Oh — and it’s also the very first feature-length film that will be scored entirely by Gardening, Not Architecture.

Some of you may remember when I posted on the G,NA Facebook page about waking up to one of the most exciting emails since getting word that “Parenthood” wanted to use a full song in their season finale in 2012. Well, that exciting email was from writer/director/producer Duane Anderson, asking me if I would be interested in not only contributing a couple of new songs, but also composing the film score for his new movie. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! Filmmaking is something I have always been interested in, and even studied in college before I left to pursue music. The prospect of venturing into the world of film scoring just makes me giddy!

The schedule is still being worked out, but you can check out photos from the shoot at facebook.com/superpowerlessmovie. This is going to be such a fun project — and will mean that there will be two G,NA releases this year, if all goes as planned: a film score and a new album.

In a lot of ways, I feel as if the past year of my life is similar to the plot of “Superpowerless.” While I didn’t turn 40, it feels like I finally started acting my age, and I faced a lot of demons from which I had been running for most of my life. It took a lot of strength to finally stop, turn and face those parts of myself, and meant giving up most of the survival skills on which I had relied for so long. But as it turns out, life is much easier to enjoy when you’re not constantly on the run, trying to avoid pain. Sometimes, in order to make real change, we have to admit that we are powerless against those demons. When we stop trying to fight them, stop trying to run from them, and most importantly, stop listening to them, we can finally get past them and start to discover our true selves.

I continue to be knocked sideways by immense gratitude for the opportunities, friends, and adventures that this little musical project has brought into my life over the years. It has been a wild ride to this point, and though I am hoping for calm waters in the coming months, I believe that I am still at the beginning of the journey in so many ways. I believe the best is yet to come.

Glad you’re still here. ā™„


“In the depths of winter, I finally learned
that there was in me an invincible summer.”
- Albert Camus
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