December 2014

New Shirts, a Christmas Carol Show, and Day #4 in the Studio!

A few fun things to look forward to as we bring this year to a close:



My friend German of Verdilak recently launched a bad-ass new online merchandise company called Atomkinder. Bands, listen up: it’s an on-demand silkscreening company that makes super cheap, high quality tee shirts for a great price, and splits the profits 50/50 with the band from the get-go. G,NA’s first Atomkinder shirt went up today! $16 for the men’s shirt, $18 for the women’s shirt (before shipping).

Available on the G,NA page at Atomkinder HERE.

Available in the online G,NA merch store HERE. (Or just click “Shop” at the top of the G,NA website.)



I’m so excited that G,NA gets to play the third annual Christmas Carol Show at The Stone Fox in Nashville, alongside 19 other bands. We each cover one Christmas song, and the audience gets booklets with lyrics to sing along. Can you guess which song G,NA is going to cover? Big thanks to East Nashville Underground and No Country For New Nashville for putting on the show and inviting us to play. If you live nearby, check out the Facebook Event page for all the details!



December 5th was my last day in the studio for the third G,NA album — in 2014, haha. What a session it was! It was a cold, rainy night. I got there late because of football and rain traffic, and felt unprepared for the session. It was a great chance to let go of control over the outcome of the night, and just let whatever was going to happen, happen. It never fails that when I just trust, let go, and open my mind and heart, the most unexpected (and awesome) things happen! I don’t know if Logan (engineer / owner of Big Light Studio) was picking up on my “off” energy, or if he just happened to be in a brainstorming mood that night, but pretty much from the first thing we tracked, he was on an IDEA ROLL. Just one awesome idea after another. We ended up doing some of the craziest, most fun, most random experiments with sound that night — and it’s all going to be in one song! I don’t want to give away too much, but while I was sitting there I jotted down what we were doing, and it turned into a sort of poem, which is also weird and totally fits the theme of Day #4 in the studio:

Acoustic through the Leslie
Nord through the amp
Drop the chain
Chain through the bull horn
Amplify the claps
The bell is not what it seems


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